Sub Contracting Plumbing Services

Is your current plumbing subcontractor working up to professional standards?
Ask yourself these questions, then decide:

  1. Have you received more than two customer complaints in the past six months regarding your current plumber?
  2. Has your current plumber caused delays of any type?
  3. Did a job suffer a delay because a fixture did not arrive on time or an inspection failed?
  4. Did your current plumber damage any surfaces or leave a mess of any type during the past six months?
  5. Does your plumber fail to use dropcloths when working on finished floors?
  6. Do you have to make repeated calls to get attention?
  7. Does your plumber fail to show up at a client’s house within 24 hours of a service or warranty call?
  8. Does your plumber fail to test ALL fixtures for trouble-free and leak-free installation before the move-in date on your jobs?

If the answer to two or more of the above questions is “yes,” you are working with the wrong plumber.

So contact Meade Heating Ltd today to partner yourself with the right plumbing subcontractor.


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